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Hooluana Ranch

SINCE 1998


          Tree Farm

Wagyu Cattle, Aquaculture, Horticulture
Christmas Trees
Tree sales are available by appointment only.
Cash or checks only, no credit cards.

We have a remaining inventory of trees available!

If you're interested in obtaining a tree, we now operate on an appointment-only basis.

Kindly contact Tom in advance to schedule an appointment to select a tree.

To collect your reserved tree, please reach out to Tom a day ahead at (808) 333-0676.

While we adore animals, we maintain a firm NO PET policy on the tree lot to prevent any potential incidents involving pets or guests.

Assistance will be provided for loading your chosen tree, but it is your responsibility to ensure it is securely fastened inside or on top of your vehicle.

Directions:          18-4134 N. Peck Road, Mountain View 96771

                             Take the Hwy. 11 from Hilo

                             Peck Rd. is approximately 15.5 miles from Hilo toward Volcano

                             The entrance to the tree lot is .6 miles on Peck Rd. from Hwy. 11 on the

                    right side.  

Tree Sales Open:                     Tree sales are by appointment only.  Call Tom in advance.

Hours of Operation:                9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Reserved Tree Pick-Up:         Please Call Tom a day in advance to pick up your tree at (808) 333-0676.

                                                   Tree pick-up hours are 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


                                                   Tree Pickup Deadline, December 20th.

Prices:                                        Trees are $16.00 per foot.

Payment Types:                        Cash and Checks only, no credit cards.       



Air layering!


Also be sure to check out our new video's on how to make an Air Layer and the second video that shows the actual plant 3 months later!

See the video's here

An overview of Hooluana Ranch and Tree Farm!


2023 Season is OPEN!


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