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Other Services

Native Hawaiian Plants

We offer a variety of Native Hawaiian plants.  Yellow, orange and red Ohia available most of the time and other plants can be propogated with lead time.  Contact us for more information.




With nearly 50 years of breeding, raising and showing Koi we know Koi.  We can answer most questions related to the fish breeds, fish health, pond types and construction considerations.  We are willing to talk fish!  Contact us for questions or inquiries.

Wagyu Cattle

We don't normally sell meat, but promote the Wagyu breed by selling livestock.  We may sell a steer on the hoof.  Contact us for availability.

Air Layering Classes

Ohia tree air layering propogation classes available. Air layering can also be applied to other soft and hardwood plant species.  Course consists of a 60-90 minute lecture and 1 hour of hands on application. Parties of 5 minumum and 10 maximum accepted.   Cost is $30 per person. 

Planting Yellow Ohia

In this video we discuss how to plant yellow ohia!



Yellow Ohia Tips

Tip on yellow ohia!



How To Air Layer Ohia

From 4/2016



Air Layer Update!

This is an update as of 8/28/2016 of the above video from April 2016.  See the progress of the actual Air Layer process!



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