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Hours of Operation & Directions.

Directions:          18-4134 N. Peck Road, Mountain View 96771

                             Take the Hwy. 11 from Hilo

                             Peck Rd. is approximately 15.5 miles toward Volcano

                             The entrance to the tree lot is .6 mile from Hwy. 11 on the

                    right side of Peck Rd.  

Pre-pay and Reserve-your-tree:     November 19th-20th

Reserved Trees Available:                 November 26th to December 20th

Schedule Tree Pick-up:                    Call Tom (808)333-0676; day before                                                      

Non-reserved Trees/General sales:    November 26th -  until SOLD OUT                                             

Hours of Operation:                              9:00AM - 4:00PM

Prices:                                                      Trees are $16.00 per foot.

Payment Types:                                     Cash and Checks only, no credit cards.



Reserved tree pickup:  The hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM.


Please Call Tom a day in advance to pick up your tree at 333-0676.



Directions, Dates and Hours of Operation!​

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