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When - Saturday Feb 11th, 2017

Time - Course is about 2 hours starting at 9:00 A.M.  Classes can run longer so that we can ensure that we cover all questions that may arise during the course.

Where - Hooluana Ranch, located at 18-4134 N. Peck Road, Mountain View, Hawaii 96771 


We will be holding a 2 hour air layering class at Hooluana Ranch in Mountain View on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Class could run longer.  We will give lecture and hands on instruction in making air layers on many types of softwood and some hardwood plants.  Examples would be Ohia, Puakenikeni and many more!  Cost is only $25 per person and that covers all materials.  We stongly suggest that attendees bring rubber boots.  Space is limited to a class size of 10 people, so be sure to call or email for confirmation.  Don't miss out! 


To sign up, please email to;

Place "air layering class" in the subject line.


Or contact us via our contact page.


Leyland Cypress
(Cupressocyparis leylandii)
plants for sale


We offer rooted starts and established plants for sale.  Click the link below for details and prices.


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